Our mission, vision and values

Our Mission

To build and operate Toronto’s first hospice residence based on Jewish values, open to all, where residents receive compassionate, individualized and family-centred end-of-life care.

Our Vision

Neshama Hospice will be a national leader in the provision of holistic end-of-life care at our vibrant, community-based hospice residence. We will attend to the individual’s physical, emotional and spiritual needs and provide support, palliative care and bereavement services in a collaborative environment. We will educate health-care professionals and the public. We partner with and serve as a resource to our residents and their families.

Our Values

We will provide exceptional, individualized end-of-life care that addresses pain and symptom management as well as the psychological, emotional, social and spiritual needs of each resident and their chosen family. We will endeavour to address the relief of suffering in all these areas. We believe the Jewish concept of acts of kindness (gemilut chasadim) can be both given and received from our residents, staff and volunteers in our reciprocal and nurturing, home-like environment.
Everyone will be welcomed, valued and respected at Neshama Hospice. While the rhythm of Jewish tradition and holidays will be integrated into our daily operations, we respect and support the traditions, beliefs, lifestyles and practices of all our residents.
We believe that a non-hierarchical and inter-professional health-care team that includes volunteers from the community provides the best end-of-life care and creates the optimal environment for healing and alleviation of suffering. We will listen to and learn from our residents and from all members of their circle of care as essential partners of the care team to ensure the focus is on the individual, the family and their needs.
Being listened to, finding opportunities for joy and meaning and feeling valued are central to the way we will treat residents, families, volunteers and staff. Neshama Hospice will provide a safe, loving and dignified environment that is non-judgmental and respectful. Incorporating the Jewish value that prescribes repair/mending of the world (tikkun olam), we will help individuals to find spiritual healing even in the absence of a physical cure.
Within the Jewish value that reflects an obligation to care, the tenet of visiting the sick (bikur cholim) extends beyond those who identify as Jewish to everyone in the community. We welcome people from all backgrounds, lifestyles and faiths and are sensitive to and remove barriers for those who are vulnerable and marginalized. We believe in full equity of access to our facility and services.
We believe in continuing education in palliative and end-of-life care for everyone — medical and other healthcare professionals, volunteers and the broader community. We constantly strive for excellence while continually embracing best practices. We endeavour to deliver the highest quality end-of-life hospice residence care in the community.